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Our Vision

Our Company's vision is to help Mom owned and Non-binary parent owned businesses get seen by the right audience, to create visibility and grow their companies as they see fit.

We want to help fuel economic regrowth while ensuring that women and non-binary identifying people are a huge part of that change. 


Representation Matters


We are aligning ourselves with the United Nation's Sustainable Goals to aid in creating Gender Equality and Reduce Inequalities throughout the world.

We believe that no one should be exempt from having a seat at the table.

Beginning with Canadian Businesses and spreading Worldwide. 


We believe in honesty, integrity, compassion and equity, and use these pillars as a guide in all of our connections.

Sarah Chickee Founder & CEO

I'm a hardworking Mompreneur, with a small business of my own. I saw a need, that was further highlighted by the pandemic, for certain business owners to be seen and heard.


Starting and maintaining a business is challenging and doing so with children underfoot requiring homework help, assistance with virtual learning, and basic human needs, is SO MUCH harder.


I felt this way, and I just knew others in my situation felt this way as well. So I set out to create the best platform to help them connect to their customers on a human level instead of a transactional one. 


We are all living this human experience, wouldn't it be better if we lived it with compassion and empathy?

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I created this directory for Canadian Mom owned businesses originally, so that people like me can get their service and product needs met by people like me. Recently I pivoted into Gender Equality, and that led me to including Non-Binary Parents into our vision.

I work very hard to be a good Mom and a Wife, but I'm a Woman Entrepreneur too, and that part always gets put on the back burner.

I think it's time that we get to prove that we're not only Parents who get it all done, but business owners who have something to contribute to our society, economy and country

Here in our Club we welcome Mompreneurs of all paths and in all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, or birth gender.
As long as you identify as a
Mom (birth mom, step-mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, grandma, etc) or Non-Binary Parent at some point in your life, you're Canadian and you own at least 51% of your business

that's the criteria.

Let's come together in a Community without bias, completely inclusive and supportive of our fellow entrepreneurs

We are Parents
We are Non-Conformative 
We are Changemakers

We are Role Models

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