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Ali Hilton- Little Wishes Bakehouse


Point Claire, Montreal, Quebec

  • Hi I'm Ali, and when I started selling cakes, my goal was to make kids’ cake dreams come true!

  • My favourite thing about having my own business is the flexibility to make my own hours and set my own policies

  • One of the biggest challenges I'm facing right now is, there's so much extra work not related to production that can be really difficult to work into my week. Being a one woman show is hard!

  • It has been challenging to run a business from home (especially one that results in a lot of extra dishes!) but my husband helps clean up and my kids always have something nice to say about my work and are free marketing!

  • The hardest thing about being a Mom Entrepreneur is it’s a huge juggling act. Lots of planning, and can be mentally draining. The constant feeling of wanting to be a great mom but also wanting to contribute financially can result in me taking on more than I can handle at times.

  • I really find myself connecting with other Mom Entrepreneurs easily. I am an introvert but also very outgoing and I have no qualms starting up a conversation online or attending meet ups for mom entrepreneurs. We can easily relate to each other despite not being in the same business

  • Some of my favourite things to do with my kids are: I love painting/drawing/colouring with them Reading them stories (I do all the voices!) Bringing them somewhere for the first time and watching the excitement!

  • I like most music! My go-to artists lately have been Taylor Swift and Machine Gun Kelly

  • If I ever became Rich I'd: 1) set us up to be financially independent 2) Travel more 3) choose a few organizations to support more substantially or create my own. Causes relating to child welfare and safety are of huge importance to me

  • The kinds of things that make me happy are Good food, good company and a good comedy show!

  • 3 things you LOVE about Myself are: I’m generous, I strive for excellence, I have integrity

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