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Abby Ayoola-Williams- Abby Ayoola

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Toronto, Ontario

  • Abby Ayoola-Williams is a publisher, author, entrepreneur, and one of the cast of Naija Wives of Toronto. 

  • She is a vegan, married,  mother of 6 (SIX??)

  • She has a lifestyle magazine geared towards mothers called Mom's Ultimate Guide 

  • She has written over 20 books and journals

  • Her company makes weight loss products like flat tummy tea, waist trainer pants, waist band and supplements

  • She loves to try new things & help people live a better and healthier lifestyle

  • Motherhood is definitely not easy, but we have to do what we have to do 

  • chose to go into weight loss products so I can help mothers who want to lose weight do it in a safe and effective way

  • Having children really takes a toll on our bodies, so if I'm able to help a Mom feel confident about herself, my job is done

  • When you look good, you feel good

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