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Toronto, Ontario


Tianna Brown- Autumn Sky Co.

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The premiere source for all things Reiki in Toronto

  • I'm in Toronto, but my Reiki services are distant. I can do that from anywhere at any time.

  • I've incorporated it with the with the teas, the last show that I did, the organizer had a separate table set up for me, where I could showcase my teas, and we had a hot water so that we can make them right there. Honestly, at first, I was like, ah, nobody's gonna want tea at these events. But it ended up working out really, really well. 

  •  My favourite aspect of being an Mompreneur is definitely the freedom, and the customer service. I love helping people.

  • I hope to one day be a Healer

3 things I love to do with my kids

  • Go outside for walks

  • Play blocks and cars

  • We sing a lot

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