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Bubbles and Beauty - Mirelle Charland
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Pointe-Claire, Quebec

  • Bubbles and Beauty makes handcrafted bath and beauty products

  • All items we sell are handmade in small batches by us. All products are carefully prepared and packaged by us and you can know your purchase is directly supporting artisans in your community.

  • Mirelle started out learning to do DIY's from Pinterest for fun, but once she realized she was Pinterest-Winning, she quickly turned it into a business.

  • Her bath bombs are made using essential oils and biodegradable glitter

  • She started out with using essential oils in their products and from there she's found new innovative and creative ideas to help her customers with all the beauty and relaxation needs she can. 

  • Mirelle is quite a storyteller and loves to spin a tale or two. She's all about shopping local and we definitely want to help them reach more local customers who value handmade and eco friendly beauty products. 

I got the chance to try some of their products myself, and I must say....WOW.

They sent me a HUGE package with many different products to choose from. So far I've tried the Eucalyptus peppermint shower steamer (which is almost like being in the steam room at the spa- if you close your eyes and tune out the kids in the background), the Satsuma body lotion (it rubs in so well, with no greasiness after-feel, and smells SO Freaking Good. My 5yo said I smelled really good) and the Curly Haircare Leave In Conditioner for wavy, curly and coily hair. That's my favourite so far. I've used it for 3 wash days, and it's a really great leave in. I didn't use it on its own, but as far as leave in's go, it's one of the better one's I've used, and let me tell you, as a mixed woman, I've tried a lot. 

My husband tried the Spa Artisan Soap, and he loved it. I haven't tried the beautiful Caribbean Escape Bath Bomb yet (our tub is a great size to wash little bodies, but terrible for adult bodies. But it SMELLS so great, to me it smells like a floral white chocolate and makes my bathroom one of the nicest rooms to walk into.

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