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Carina Groombridge -
Mindset & Success Coach
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Montreal, Quebec

  •  I am a Certified Mindset and Success Coach.  But more importantly, I am a mama of three (almost 4) awesome kids, a wifey to an amazing man, a recovering perfectionist, and eternal optimist.  I love anything outdoorsy, playing board games with friends and family and a good glass of red wine.

  • I am now a certified coach and doing what I love, helping impact the lives of not only other women but kids who are watching their moms set an amazing example by following their passion and doing what they love.

  •  Mindset Coaching isn't just good in the moment, you learn the skills/tools and build the foundation for a successful business. 

  • There is a wealth of knowledge available to everyone so why isn't everyone rich and successful? Because it's not what you know, it's what you do with that information. If you've ever bought a course and not followed through on it or read a book and not completed the exercises then you know what I'm talking about. 

  • As a mom, I want to show my kids that you can LOVE what you do (and get paid for it!) My goal is to instill in my kids (and clients) that they can be / do / have anything they desire and there are no limits to what they can do.  It's not enough to just say you’ll do it, you need to walk the talk. Because of course, kids don’t learn by what you say, they watch and follow what you do.

  • An AMAZING coach, let's just start there, as evident by the positive reviews you can see on her website and social media

  •  It felt like talking to an old friend rather than a new connection. She's charming, relatable and real, she doesn't hide behind a screen, which is clear on her social media.

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