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Completely Inclusive- Kelly Bron Johnson

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Montreal, Quebec

Kelly Bron Johnson is:

  • The founder of Completely Inclusive, a social enterprise focused on helping companies create inclusive and accessible workplaces. 

  • She is also the founder of the Autistic Entrepreneurs Network, which aims to support autistic entrepreneurs with mentorship, a business directory, and hopefully micro-funding opportunities in the future. 

  • She has this amazing vision for what she wants the world to be, and she's actively working on making it happen

  • When she talks about her businesses, her face lights up, and you can hear the passion in her voice.

  • She knows what it's like to face adversity and she wants to help others who are facing it and may not be as strong as she is.


Completely Inclusive aims to remove barriers and facilitate the full participation and acceptance of diverse people in society by ensuring companies are employing and accommodating the best, most diverse, and skilled workforce.

★ I teach companies how to create inclusive environments where everyone can be respected as equals and contribute in ways that work best for them.

★ I conduct website accessibility audits and user testing to ensure all your customers are able to get the information they need and make purchases easily, thus increasing your profits.

★ I work with event planners to make sure conferences and events are truly accessible and accommodating to all, including those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

★I provide Sensitivity Reader services to publishers and writers who wish to ensure accurate representation of marginalized people.

★★ Completely Inclusive is a social enterprise which donates 5% of their revenue to both Autism Canada and the Giant Steps Foundation of Montreal.

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