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Vancouver, British Columbia

Necole Hines- Faded Living


I'm a cannabis chef, educator & advocate who loves to add cannabis to my life. Grateful for the plant and its benefits, I recently founded Faded Living, (a cannabis education & events company), to normalize adult cannabis use & help break down the stereotypes through cooking workshops, podcast, apparel, coaching & private canna-chef services. 

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  • A Mom to 3 boys

  • Someone who likes to say yes to pretty much any opportunity that comes 

  • I started Faded Living basically to normalize adult cannabis use, and one of the first ways is through food.

  • She finds that that's been pretty helpful to show people how they can use things, either on the product on the market, or teach people how to make their own oil and butter and stuff like that.

  • She has a podcast where they chat with cannabis entrepreneurs and allies and enthusiasts just to show how normal we are. Because a lot of people have a different assumption about cannabis consumers.

  • She has an apparel line to help spark the conversation. With Faded Living hoodies, joggers, t shirts, etc, and will be expanding on that line to include like some kitchen houseware items

  •  She creates infused dining experiences, from dinners to brunches. They're called Faded Feasts. 

  • So I am really thankful I just got a $10,000 grant for BIPOC entrepreneurs. 

  • Think of a personal cannabis chef, but just mobile. So it allows me to roll up to your driveway or your backyard. I can cook in the trailer, I can broadcast from my laptop using your Wi Fi. I don't have to come into your kitchen, I have a runner that runs the food to you, in the safety of your own home or backyard

Necole Is:
  • A founding member of a not for profit called Louder Together, cannabis advocacy society, a nonprofit society which is meant to amplify the voices of Black Indigenous People Of Colour (BIPOC) in the cannabis space. 

  • We did a fundraiser and we were able to raise some funds for an organization out there called BIPOCUSHR and they deal with BIPOC artists, so it's like a collective and we really love to support them. They also got one of those really big grants as well recently. So really happy about them. 

  • I do want to find an Indigenous organization to support both within and outside of the cannabis community, though it would be great within the cannabis community as that would really align with my business.

  • The Afro Cannada Bud Sistas because I just will continue to love what they're doing and they're like super awesome. 

  • I work for a dispensary out here called Canapa Sky. I am fairly new with them, but what I like about them is that the owner came from the legacy market and I like the fact that he was able to get into the legal market and he has those old school vibes I think it's really cool. 

  • There is The Village Bloomery which is another dispensary out here, which is owned by a biracial couple and they were also from the legacy market and made it into the legal market. They're also affiliated with Louder Together so I just kind of like their initiatives and they're all about community and stuff like that which is really great.

  • There's Kush Klub, which is another dispensary which is black owned. I think it's super awesome, and I like to support them, my son goes there a lot too, so we really like to give any support we can. The scene has just been really welcoming. I found in the days before COVID when we could really gather and stuff like that, I always felt really comfortable in the community. 

  • Cindy Tran, she was one of the first people that I did a collaboration with so to speak, where she asked me to do some food and I would contribute some food to her events. 

  • Siobhan McCarthy, who owns Blissful Alchemy. I did my first infused dinner parties with her. She used to have the studio loft space and I've done some parties and some gatherings with her.

  •  The Stolbie Sisters out here are really dear friends and they are considered trailblazers in the cannabis space. Influencers and stuff like that so they are awesome