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Founding Member


Stephanie Meitz-Green Team Solutions


Kootenays, British Columbia

  • We are Green Team Solutions, a mobile cannabis trimming company based out of the Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada.

  • We are a team of experienced and efficient workers who are passionate about high quality cannabis.

  • We are licensed and insured, and ready to offer services to any cannabis license holders, from medical to recreational. 

  • We offer a variety of services for those licensed to grow cannabis, indoors and outdoors, including: pruning, leaf pull, planting, harvesting, bucking, trimming, packaging and cleaning.

  • As the cannabis market transitions into legalization there is a need for legal labour that adheres to employment laws and regulations. It is our hope to support growers and cannabis workers by taking on employer responsibilities associated with employment standards, laws & regulations, insurance, and human resource administrative tasks such as hiring, firing, payroll remittances, training, and record keeping.

  • It is our intention to keep all of your beautiful facilities compliant by offering legal, experienced, trained, and efficient workers.

  • The name is a re-appropriation of it as it used to be the name of a police organization that would bust old grow ops

  • Her favourite aspect of having her own company is "being our own boss and making decisions for our company that are important to us, like adhering to indigenous laws and protocols"

  • Our logo is homage to the Sinixt. It’s part of their survival story.

  • Her hardest thing about being a Mompreneur is balancing the time between work responsibilities and just wanting quality time with the kids

  • The things I’m good at aren’t necessarily the things I want to do (haha). I’m pretty competent in most areas, especially around people management and creating systems, and as much as I love doing payroll (I genuinely enjoy paying my team members) I also don’t enjoy all the math.

  • Rich Bish Dream: I’d make sure every child in the world had access to health care and food. I’d probably end up poor from giving all my money away lol

  • My favourite show (right now) is Sense8

  • My favourite thing about my kids: Ugh they are just the best! My daughter is 12 going on 30. Such a good heart, deeply compassionate and caring and very organized! My son who is 4 is a sweet sensitive soul in a very strong body haha.

  • Things that make me happy: Love, art, music, clothes, dance

  • 3 things I Love about myself: I'm Intelligent, I operate with integrity, and I'm compassionate

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