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Toronto, Ontario

Hayley Mullins- Joey Band

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  • Embracing The Unexpected with Power In Heels

Featured Episode of Power in Heels Podcast:
Embracing the Unexpected

  • We want to make sure that everyone, every parent, regardless of shape, regardless of size, regardless of ability, physical ability, is able to get that contact with baby.

  • We've had ALS patients, be able to use this. And grandparents who don't have use of their arms, but are still able to hold their grandchild. Siblings, parents in wheelchairs, all sorts different issues, we're able to support and that's been really heartwarming for us.

  • And to know that we do fit every size parent, and you know, we've never met met a person that doesn't fit our product, and can't use our product.

  • It's a totally different, position in a carrier, which goes over your shoulders or you know, a sling, which really changes the position. So I was fortunate that I had a really wonderful friend, Jessica Chang, who I worked with in a previous life, and she was really entrenched in the fashion and apparel business. She connected me to somebody who made me my very first prototype. So I literally went in with this handmade on my mother in law's sewing machine, like piece of lycra and Velcro.

  • And I was like, I want this, but not this, you know? We're looking for yoga pants material, and she made some really wonderful suggestions about the fastening of the Velcro and how to do the three strips and what not. And from there, I found a manufacturer, and we were able to patent the product. So it was a lot of calling on my network and getting help along the way.

  • The Joeyband™ was born from a place of vulnerability and love.

  • When Hayley experienced her newborn baby falling off her chest while doing skin-to-skin, she knew she never wanted another family to experience the pain of an infant fall.

  • Now used on over 100,000 newborns, our community is not only protecting babies, but improving their quality of life during the fourth trimester. 

We donate units, not necessarily local to Toronto, but within the maternal health care system. We have donated in the past to places like Mama Baby Haiti, the Easy Access Clinic, which is in Florida, which provides care to pregnant women who might not otherwise get the care that they need. We provide donations to certain charities and fundraising efforts, depending on the cause. And for the Truth and Reconciliation day for the Indigenous Moms, we made sure that we were donating to the organizations that directly support the cause.

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