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Delson (South Shore Montreal), Quebec

Sarah Chickee- Les Chocolats De Chickee


Yes I'm the founder of this page, but long before I thought to create this directory, I was a chocolatier with an online boutique.  Throughout the last 8 years I've tried everything to make my business work. I did Craft Fairs, I did Bazaars, I did Pop Ups, I have my own webpage, and had an Etsy page. I have been promoting on my Facebook Page both professional and personal for years, but I never seemed to make more money than I spent on ingredients.


How do I complete with other chocolate shops in Montreal when they have tempering machines, and a staff to help them gain production? I was a woman (and later a Mom) doing this from my own *well sterilized* kitchen, trying to promote to anyone who would listen. But it wasn't until I signed up with a Business Coach at YES Montreal  that I started really hustling to make it work, and even then, it wasn't working quite as well as I'd hoped. 


So I took a break from it all during my pregnancies and just after my kiddos were born. And in the summer of 2020, I made a choice to put it on hold to pursue this project. During my many attempts at selling my chocolates at Craft Fairs and such, I met so many other talented Mompreneurs who were also struggling to gain exposure and visibility. Many of whom I traded with in the end because none of us were making much in the way of profits. Because of these women, I decided to create this directory because if I wasn't getting visibility, neither were they, and someone had to be the one to help them. So in the end, this helps my business as well, because I sure as Hell plan on continuing to make chocolate. It's such a passion for me, and it relaxes me (when they kids aren't home).


I love the looks on people's faces and the contented sigh they give when they try my Bonbons or chocolate bars. It's so rewarding to me, so much so, that I give away more chocolate than I actually sell. I have a "try it and you'll want to buy it" philosophy, that unfortunately doesn't translate into sales like I'd hoped it would.


But I hope in the future to make my chocolate business flourish and make my family (and myself) proud.

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