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Vanessa Carter- Little Red's Sweet Cheats

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Montreal, Quebec

  • At 26 years old I decided to get serious with my baking. I went back to school, and graduated at 27. I went back with the intention of improving my cookie game, and perfecting my pies. I didn’t expect to fall in love with cakes the way I have. 


  • I love to create, I love being an artist, and the most wonderful thing about my brand of art, is that after its done, we get to eat tasty treats!!:)


  • I love experimenting, dabbling with gluten free and vegan “Sweet Cheats”. Hit me up with your special requests and let’s talk!

  • She's owned Little Red's for the past 4 years, and she's only slowed down to have her ridiculously adorable son. 

  • Her goal is to have a communal kitchen that she can share with other bright innovators in food.

  • She wants to rent out the space and equipment to chefs straight from pastry school so they have somewhere to work on their projects, because she personally knows how hard it is fresh out of school with no working experience.  

  • She loves creating custom cakes and working with Buttercream, Swiss to be exact, though we both know how finnicky it can be. It just tastes so much better than the American Buttercream we're all so used to. 

  • She has her logo tattooed onto her arm! That's where the inspiration came from. I LOVE it.

  • Did you Know her grandfather gave her the nickname that became her namesake- Little Red. She's the only red head in her entire family, but I just think it means she was always meant to stand out from the crowd.

  • She's currently working at The Finer Cookie Co, while handling Little Red's on the side, and from what she tells me, she's loving it. 

  • She offers Vegan friendly and Gluten free options as well

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