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Montreal, Quebec

  • Mauve Bonbon is a Montreal based project born from wanting to try something new. Over the next several months we are going to share the origin story of how and why we decided to begin this journey.

  • We pride ourselves in making treats that are as natural and organic as possible – but also tasty and packed full of flavor!

Vanessa Abad- Mauve BonBon

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  • Has 3 kids 

  •  Runs a Dental Clinic when she's not corralling kids and making yummy cotton candy. 


  • The name came from her favourite colour- Purple! 

  • The business actually came about unintentionally. Vanessa was on maternity leave with her last little sweetheart when tragedy struck. Her father unexpectedly passed away due to Covid-19 and she needed a distraction from her grief and heartache.

  • She had a very strong connection to her father and the business is an homage to him. 

  •  She's channeled all of this into a very luctative business with the support of her "Cotton Candy Master" of a husband, her family and her friends. The community stands behind her as well.

  • Her whispy sweet confections are also sold at Hyoo boutique in Saint Sauveur and Les Cheffettes in Saint- Lazare