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Natalia Wingrowicz- Planiprêt Independant Mortgage Broker


Montreal, Quebec

  • I am a self employed mortgage broker, but to have access to multiple lenders, I had to affiliate myself with a cabinet, in this case Planiprêt.

  • I took the decision to be independent and not work for a bank exactly for the same reasons as other MomBosses out there: I work my own hours, I am my own boss and I am able to bring my kids to and from school.

  • I am also my own brand. I must get clients myself; they are not given to me.

  • No clients means no income. If people don’t like me or I give horrible service/advice, it’s no bueno as I am selling my service and not someone else’s.

  • I pay fees to Planiprêt to have access to the lenders they do business with as well as the system they use. That’s the only money they get from me.

  • I have my own liability insurance, a valid mortgage license that I have to renew every year and I am regulated by AMF (Autorité des marchés financiers).

  • If a client wants to sue, they sue me personally as I am responsible for my business and any decision I make. I also have to keep up with the market and attend trainings.

  • In order for me to make money I have to network, advertise in strategic places, be active on social media and prospect everyday to find new clients. Basically, I have to hustle.

  • It is a hard field to be in as there’s a lot of competition out there (other brokers and bank employees), but I love it and wouldn’t change it.

  • Real estate/mortgages used to be a man’s world, but women are starting to dominate it.

  • I used to work in the automotive industry and was the only woman working in my department. I ranked 7th in Canada after being there not even one year. I want to do the same again, but make money for myself and no someone else.

  • Supporting other mom-businesses has always been something I prioritized when shopping.

  • I also helped few single moms via Facebook to renew their mortgage.

  • Education is also a big part of why I love my job. Most of my clients end up understanding why things are done a certain way or why their neighbors chose this rate and not the other rate etc.

  • Lots of women think finances should be taken care by the man of the household because it’s too complicated. It’s not. They simply haven’t been properly explained to them.

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