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Montreal, Quebec

  • Engravemate uses engraving techniques to make special and long lasting gifts that are made with love and passion.

  • All of our products are customized according to your ideas and imagination

Kathia Lawand- Engravemate

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  • I am the owner or Engravemate, a family run business of creating customized & personalized gifts using engraving techniques.

  • I am also the mother of baby Maribelle. She is our joy and miracle. 

  • Kathia was born in Syria, but moved to Montreal from Dubai. She divides her time between Montreal and Toronto. She is finishing up her studies to become a pharmacist.

  • Her goal is to turn memories into long lasting totems of love. 

  • Family is very important to her, and if she ever "struck it rich" she would help her friends, family and community in Syria, who are in need of support and supplies. And of course she dreams of a bigger house, and more children to fill it, as well as the means to keep her family safe and secure. 

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