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Whitney Alexandra- Fly Brand Boutique


Toronto, Ontario

  • FLY Brand Boutique is one of the world’s leading online fashion brands that specialize in women empowerment. We believe that each woman's struggle and story must be told.

  • Our in-house designs are for women by women.

  • Our brand is dedicated to all you beautiful queens and aspires to help elevate your inner beauty.

  • We believe in passing along deeply thoughtful fashion designs to all beloved women so they can make a bold fashion statement. 


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  • This brand is all about Women Empowerment and Loving Yourself, and that is exactly the kind of positivity and change that we're about here in our Club. She wants to create a community where women have a voice and a purpose.

  • She wants all women to know "You can have it all!" 

  • Much like many of us Strong Women, she's a survivor and she wants to use her voice and craft to help make a difference and give back. 

  • Did you know she doesn't just make clothes?? Oh no no, she's a woman of many talents. She makes jewelry as well as clothes and is even about to start selling wings she makes. 


  • Covid has been a blessing in disguise for her as well, as it's allowed her to spend more time on her business, and more time thinking about what she wants for the future.

  • She has 2 beautiful children (a boy and a girl) whom she loves very much.

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