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Dorota & Martyna- Savonnerie Pure Moi

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Montreal, Quebec

  • Welcome to PureMoi Soap Factory. We're Dorota & Martyna, the mother-daughter founders of PureMoi, currently owned by Martyna.


  • Our products are tested and modified based on our customer's feedback. Since we have built personal relationships with our customers, we have received many wishes to customize our products; either scents, colors or extra ingredients. Essentially by popular demand, we have made it our main priority to work with our customers in designing a product that will fit their needs & desires.

  • PureMoi has been created by high demand a people's company, really. Our goal for the next few years is to continue listening to our clientele by bringing constant innovation & creativity to the world of body products. We are here to serve you & make you realize, that you too, deserve to be PureMoi. 

  • Their interest in the natural way of living is multigenerational and stems from Dorota's grandmother, who had a farm and was wholly committed to nature and it's ability to heal. 

  • Growing up these two ladies were always surrounded by dried plants. Martyna recalled a story from her childhood, when she brought friends home after school and they were fascinated by the herbs hanging in the cupboards where their families had jars of spices and bags of herbs (much like my spice cupboard does now). Her mother (who was a wonderful communicator and teacher) always had the kids open ip jars and smell the fresh herbs, even touching them to know what real plants felt like. She has always had a magnetic personality. 


  • The old ways of being healthy (our new wave of natural healing) was always present in their home. From burying their feet in the grass to ground them, to eating seasonal fruits and veggies every day.

  • Martyna is the face of the company (youth certainly does have it's perks, as she is radiant) Mom is the creative genius and even Dad helps out in the production. It's a family affair through and through. 

  • They wants their products to reflect the Charm of Montreal and help bring new life and love to our amazing city. 

  • If they were ever to strike it rich, they would start a charity to give back to the community. Helping inspire kids to rebuild their creativity and nurture their curiosity about nature, and possibly discover hidden talents they otherwise may not have known they had.