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Dorota & Martyna- Savonnerie Pure Moi

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Montreal, Quebec

  • Welcome to PureMoi Soap Factory. We're Dorota & Martyna, the mother-daughter founders of PureMoi, currently owned by Martyna.


  • Our products are tested and modified based on our customer's feedback. Since we have built personal relationships with our customers, we have received many wishes to customize our products; either scents, colors or extra ingredients. Essentially by popular demand, we have made it our main priority to work with our customers in designing a product that will fit their needs & desires.

  • PureMoi has been created by high demand a people's company, really. Our goal for the next few years is to continue listening to our clientele by bringing constant innovation & creativity to the world of body products. We are here to serve you & make you realize, that you too, deserve to be PureMoi.