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Sapid by MusIr- Sylvia Moore & Camille Crepeau

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Montreal, Quebec

  • Once upon a time, a grandma attempted to turn the necessity of cooking into something extraordinary. One thing led to another, and Sapid was born.

  • If you're like Grandma Sylvia, at some point, you ran out of ideas and tricks to feed your kids. You may have felt ill-equipped, asking yourself why (when it comes to food) healthy rhymes with boring.

  • Sylvia is a businesswoman in the financial industry, and she is a mother of three and a grandma. She finally took the time to commercialize the games she has been creating while raising her kids. She is looking forward to a "sapidly" pleasant retirement in the future.

  • Camille is a wonderful woman-entrepreneur. I met her from a mutual friend's Business Connect event, and though she herself is not a mom, she is a serial entrepreneur and so is Her Mom. She grew up in a home that was encouraging to her free-spirit and ingenuity. Her Mom is a Mompreneur who never found full success in her ventures. That is until these two wonderful women teamed up and created a unique business together.

  •  This book makes cooking with littles fun and interactive.

  • It even has a page teaching children how to read a recipe.

  • These ladies make it so much easier to teach basic cooking skills to your kids that might have them turning into the next Food Network Star, or in the very least, a major catch when they grow up.

  • Sylvia is extremely innovative and thinks outside the box, a testament to her parenting as well as her business savvy. She even created a Treasure Hunt for her kids when they were little

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