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Siobhan (Shavon) Bent- Mortgage Broker & Legacy Coach 

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Mississauga. Ontario

  • Siobhan Bent; Mom, Mortgage Broker and Legacy Coach decided early on that real estate was going to be the way she broke the cycle of generational poverty within her family.

  • When Siobhan took the leap of faith to purchase her first property at the age of twenty-three, she instantly fell in love with the real estate industry. 

  • A short time after she made the bold decision to quit her full-time job and dive head-first into entrepreneurship in the Financial Service industry.

  • For over twenty years Siobhan, also known as "The Mortgage Lady", has been helping families navigate through the complicated world of money and financing and she LOVES it! 

  • After becoming a Mom, her drive to build an empire for her son quickly evolved into a vision much greater than herself, which led to Siobhan launching the “Mortgages 4 Moms” community where Mothers are educated about Money, Credit and Wealth building strategies that will help Moms buy houses and build a Legacies for their babies.

  • Siobhan has proven to be a Mommy on a Mission to educate and empower both the Kingdom and her Community!

  • She's also a Team Coach at 1000 Families

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