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Laval, Quebec

Monika Helfer- Tuptti Crochet

  • I'm a mummy of two amazing kids

  • I've been crocheting since I was a teenager but I started making crochet toys when my son was born.

  • I designed a series of crochet toys specially for boys. I am making also different kinds of shawls

  • My daughter is my chief advisor and toughest critic in toy making and my son is the best tester. Thank God my husband support me in my hobby :)

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  •  Hails from Poland originally, but she is now a Canadian and her kids are amazingly Trilingual. WOW!

  • She not only sells her pre-made toys, but she sells her unique patterns as well so that crocheters around the world can make toys like she does. And she doesn't just make toys

  •  She makes shawls too, She says making them relaxes her. They are made from a cotton/acrylic blend so that they don't pill after 3 or 4 washes like only acrylic is known to do.

  • Her biggest accomplishment in her life so far is her great family that she is thankful for everyday.

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