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Founding Member

Tahnee Campbell- Zen Again Oils

Montreal, Quebec

  • For many years I have suffered with severe anxiety, depression, disassociation, etc.

  • It’s something that was becoming unbearable to live with! I did not want to take pills to fix my problems but I knew something had to give.

  • Then some wonderful people introduced me to the wonderful world of oils!! They have changed my life and I know it will change yours too! It’s not a cure all but it really helps!! Especially in times of an anxiety attack! They even help my seasonal allergies 

  • I guarantee that you will love my blends as much as I do! Go ahead and see for yourself!

  • In Tahnee's Youtube videos, she talks a lot about mental health and anxiety, which she knows a lot about.

  • "You should check out my YouTube channel, because a lot of the things you were talking about, the mental illness about postpartum depression, it's all touched upon."

  • My channel is based off of health, fitness, and lifestyle.

  • Starting from  my borderline personality disorder video going up. It's mainly about that.

  • There's a video called "Allow me to reintroduce myself". It's basically my craziest video that started getting people to really pay attention.

  • I have one called anxiety, Meditate with me. Basically, a very severe, severe anxiety attack. And I purposely did a video while I was having one,  so that way people can actually see like the real row deal and you see how (in the video) I'm transformed from being anxious to being a bit calmer. You can actually tell the difference.

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