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Sorayda Vasquez- Creations By Jazzmine Rose

Creations By (4).png

Laval, Quebec

  • I have 2 boys and 1 daughter and we love her name Jazzmine Rose. She inspires me everyday, so i chose her name for my business

  • I've always loved decorating for parties for my kids, and the children in our lives. It seemed like the perfect choice for a business for me.

  • Some of the biggest challenges we're facing in the  business right now are: Hackers, the social media algorithms, and the pandemic.

  • My husband is a huge support to my business. He pushes me when I want to quit, makes my deliveries, and promotes my work

  • One of the things I've had to face in Motherhood that  is so challenging is Autism. It is mild but at times, can be very emotionally challenging

  • One of the hardest things about being a Mom Entrepreneur is the feelings of guilt because I don't have enough time for my kids. I'm always busy, since I have to work on the weekends.

  • Rich Bish Dream: 1. Open a home for moms who need a financial break for a couple of months 2.Travel 3.Become an emergency foster parent

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